Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Let's talk about straight hair.
Growing up, curly hair wasn't cool. Straight hair was cool. So, what did I do? I murdered my hair by straightening it for most of middle school & high school. Sorry, hair!

After letting it rehab for the years - it fully doesn't hate me anymore. Now I straighten it much less- and having a straightener that doesn't burn my hair to a crisp sure helps! Here's my before and after:
I mean, major improvement, right? What's great is that when I straighten my hair now it is SHINY. Not dull and crunchy from having all the life sucked out of it! So what straightener am I using
This guy:
 The cute kids at Misikko sent this Hana Professional straightener my way- and to be honest, it was one of the VERY few offers to test things I've accepted. Normally I think doing lots of reviews just sounds so fake. I mean, HOW do those bloggers just loooooooooove everything that is sent to them? I call bull crap. So when they sent me this, they said I could be as honest as I wanted. Rather than do a post right away, I actually used it- for about 4 months. I actually saw if I liked the thing before putting it on the blog. And honestly: I love it. 
It heats up in like 30 seconds.
It doesn't cool down until you're done- so no waiting halfway through to get up to full heat again.
It glides over hair rather than ripping it as it goes.
It leaves hair shiny and super soft. 

So friends, here I am today telling you honestly that while this straightener was gifted to me by Misikko- it is ABSOLUTELY one I would invest in if I had known how great it was. This isn't an ad to tell you to buy- but if you're looking for a reliable straightener that won't wreck your hair, check them out. They're on super sale right now, which doesn't hurt :)

Do you have a hair styling brand that you love?
I'd love to hear what you have up your sleeve!

xo, lp

This product was given to be by Misikko, but I received no payment for doing this post. All opinions are my own, ya dig?

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