Friday, August 30, 2013


You asked for it people. 
On Twitter, on Facebook, on emails and comments. My curl tutorial:
If I had to name this something other than no-fail curls, I'd call it "Choose your own adventure curls"...because you really can decide how they turn out. 
Curl & leave? Tighter waves.
Brush out with your fingers? Loose waves.
Brush with a brush? Soft, barely there waves.

The steps are easy, I promise! You don't need any fancy equipment, no special products.
All I use is THIS hairspray and THIS curling iron (which cost $13 and I've had for about 7 years). If you have longer hair, go for a 1 -1/4 inch barrel. Shorter haired ladies, go for 3/4-1 inch barrel.

Let's begin, shall we? This is more pictures than I'd usually do in a post, but I guess if I'm going to do this, I might as well do it right!
Brush your hair out. Spray LIGHTLY with hairspray. Too much and you'll have a crispy mess.
If you have really thick hair, clip up the top half of your hair & do in two sections.
(I just roughly split mine in half in the back and do the left side first, then the right)

Step 1:
Starting from the back and working your way forward, grab about a 1 inch section of hair and pull away from your head 45-90 degrees. Begin wrapping around the curling iron about 4 inches down from your scalp. 
 Step 2:
There is no eloquent way to describe how to wrap, so bear with me. Rather than keeping the hair flat and wrapping it around the barrel, allow it to bunch/twist naturally and you wrap it around. Forcing it to stay wide and flat will lead to more fake looking, Shirley Temple curls. See below? 1 wider, 1 thinner because it's less spread out? Go for the thinner, less spread out!
 Step 3:
Continue wrapping until you get to the end. Leave the last 1-2 inches out from being curled- just hold them away from the barrel. DO NOT clamp down. No. No. No. Clamping=kinks, or ripping at your hair. Don't do either. Hold for about 20 seconds, or until warm to the touch.
 Step 4:
Unwrap from the barrel! Enjoy your magical curls! Look at them! There they are!
 Step 5:
Brush out with your fingers. Don't be worried that they'll fall out. You're just making them more relaxed & natural! If you really do have straight hair that doesn't hold curl well, go ahead and skip this step. 
 Step 6:
Spray lightly with your hairspray, and gaze lovingly at your pretty, perfect curls. 

What else makes these curls the bomb?
You can sleep on them, wake up, and still have killer curls. 

So here's the deal. 
Try out the curls, take a picture on instagram- and tag me (@lpodlich) so I can see how awesome they turned out! 
Happy #hairweek, everyone!

xo, lp 

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