Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Holiday weekend is over. UGH.

I'd like another 3 hours in bed today. #amiright?

Let's play catch up.
First things first I want to say  THANK YOU for all the awesome feedback and support from #hairweek last week. Every pin and comment was like a big fat hug. Big old callout to you cool kids who tried the tutorials and snapped a picture on Instagram and tagged me (@lpodlich). YOU ALL ROCK. For those who are going to try them in the future, I'd love to see how they turn out!! 

The most important thing that happened last week was the birth of my NEW NIECE! AHHHH!
She is about 5 lbs and the tiniest thing ever. I'm obsessed. Look how little she is:

This weekend was full of awesomeness. Michael and I got to see our families and friends, which was fantastic. Best part of the weekend hands down was spending a day out on my parent's lake with some of our favorites. Can life just be a permanent vacation so I can see everyone all the time?

Labor day weekend wouldn't be complete without a trip to the Minnesota State Fair. My favorite new food there was the stuffed,deep fried green olives. So. Good. 

 Tell me about your long weekend, kids!
Get your last minute white-wearing in?

xo, lp

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