Tuesday, September 10, 2013

NECTARINE BASIL LEMONADE (it's as refreshing as it sounds!)

I make a good amount of cocktails on this here blog...which probably makes me look like a bit of a lush. Truth is I don't actually drink that much (she says as she blogs with a glass of wine), and most of the cocktails I make could easily be made sans alcohol.

This recipe on the other hand, is a virgin drink that could just fine with a lil gin or vodka in it. Take your pick kids, choose your own adventure.

What you'll need:
-Lemonade mix 
- Nectarines
-Fresh Basil

How to make it happen:
You ready for how difficult this is?

Step 1: Mix up your lemonade.
Step 2: Rip 4-5 large basil leaves and muddle in your lemonade.
Step 3: Pour over some ice with a few slices of nectarine & enjoy!
If you want your lemonade to be sweeter, muddle up your nectarines too. I on the other hand, like to eat the nectarine slices once I'm done with the drink and they're all cold and sour from the lemonade. Because I'm weird like that.
 It was 97 degrees yesterday, so this kind of refreshing drink is still absolutely necessary! I fully intend on keeping this easy recipe in my repertoire for parties in the future.

So the question of the day is:
What have y'all been sipping on lately?

xo, lp

(oh, and if you notice I'm a big fan of fun straws- I get them from an Etsy shop called Loollipop, you've got to check it out, her prices are amazing!)

** in the cocktail mood? try out my orange ginger mojitos or my fizzy pineapple lemon punch.

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