Sunday, August 25, 2013


People, it's Hair Week. Whaddup.

This week was due to popular demand, as evidently people are more interested in how I curl my hair than any other aspect of my life, which I'm totally cool with. I feel like it's a pretty low level of creepy, and I can get down with that.

I'll have 4 hair-related posts for ya this week, so I hope you all enjoy! If you are having lazy week and know you won't be trying any of these- pin them on a board for later.

Here's what to expect for the week (not in any particular order):

You asked for it. Again. And again. And again. Mainly on Instagram. This is it team, the no-fail curls how-to!

I've had the same straightener for years, thinking it was the best. I was wrong, the one I'll be sharing this week is!

Everyone has different things that work for their hair, but this week I'll have a list of my ABSOLUTE favorite different hair products- many of which I found from recommendations from other bloggers, so maybe you'll find something new, too!
 And finally, the Heidi Braids. If you think you can't pull these off, you're wrong. You can. PLUS they are crazy easy, but LOOK like you put a ton of effort in. Win-win.

Big thanks in advance to Louisa Marion Photography for snapping these pictures of me. You da bomb.

Alright, I'm being annoying here- but which post are YOU most excited to see this week?
Let me know!

xo, lp

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