Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Okay mayyyybe an exaggeration. But I mean, plastic is BACK people. 
Yes, it's just plastic.

I mean, some stores try to pretend it's fancy and call it lucite- and charge a ridiculous amount for it...but it's really just plastic. No matter what you call it, it makes for some fun accessories, right?
The Container Store has an awesome selection of fun acrylic pieces, and at super fair prices. I already have the bracelet stand, and am going to be adding a few more of these pieces to my collection soon:
1. We just got a new desk in the apartment and I love this general organizer. Perfect for pens, stamps, or any random knick-knacks that need a home.
2. I REALLY need to get some business cards for this here blog...mainly so I can justify buying this card holder!
3.  Scotch tape has never looked so chic! This tape dispenser is $10 and worth every penny.
4. This tray is SUCH an awesome hostess gift, right? Or just a "I moved into a new apartment so this is my housewarming gift to myself" gift. 
5. These racks are excellent for organizing your necklaces and bracelets. Plus it makes for a pretty display!
6. This organizer is perfection for the lipstick lover. All the individual sections keep your collection from turning into a total mess!
7. I mean, if you have to have Qtips out, you might as well have a cute case to put them in...
8. Same goes for your make up brushes, or mascara/eyeliner- might as well keep it tidy in this slender case!
9. The catchall tray is necessary. Toss your jewelry off at the end of the day into it, or have it at the ready for keys and stray bobby pins. What's best is they stack, so for $6 a piece you can have some seriously good looking and affordable storage!

Which of these acrylic pieces would you use to organize your space?
I'm loving them all, but that tray is #1 on my list!

xo, lp

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